From the second you walk into our studio and see the photographs of our students as you ascend the stairs, you'll see that there are stories to be told here at Capoeira CDO Perth. This is a place where people come to learn and become their better selves through human interaction, high quality teaching methodology and a space that brings it all together. 

Once reaching the top of the stairs, you'll encounter a slice of Brazil in our reception area. Adorned with authentic artistic and decorative pieces from São Paulo and Salvador, you'll feel the vibrancy and warmth of South America with the modern comtemporary Australian touches of hand made recycled pallet furniture. The reception area also features a space for young children to play to wait while their older siblings train in the main studio.

Walking through the rustic doors beneath the fitas do Bonfim, you'll see the open training space with wooden flooring. On the walls at the rear feature our hand made Berimbau shelves that hold our instruments. The space holds a maximum of 20 participants for art forms and practices that require ample movement space but can hold more depending on space needed for movement. The space has storage space for the belongings of students and has a potent sound system equipped with Bluetooth for instructors that need to be mobile with their devices. The main space also has Bali style blinds that can give your class privacy if it is desired. There is also a reverse cycle air conditioner that can keep the space cool in the summer heat or warm in the chilly winter months. 

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