Feeling confident in their ability to control their bodies whilst beaming with joy from learning new and vibrant skills. That’s how Capoeira CDO Perth students walk out the door after their capoeira classes week after week.

If you are looking for a holistic and exciting activity for your children that will encourage them to explore the joys of being active, and, interactive, then these classes are for you!

Through a variety of interactive, fun, and engaging activities, children explore many facets of the Capoeira experience, including moving, kicking, dodging, acrobatics, singing & playing percussive instruments.


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Being more than your regular martial arts, Capoeira CDO Perth will help you get into shape and have heaps of fun at the same time.

Capoeira is a holistic activity that works all parts of your body, gets you more flexible, strong, resistant and much more confident with what your body can do. Our classes are full of energy and fun that will leave you with the feeling of wanting more! Capoeira is also a great activity for the mind and soul. It’s enjoyable, exciting and it brings people together!

Each Capoeira class is different but all classes have elements that improve your  physical well being through challenging and rewarding exercises. You'll learn and practice kicks, dodges, acrobatics, flowing and rhythmic movements and also work on your flexibility, coordination, reflexes & agility.


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Improve your quality of movement in your everyday life from the ground up.

Adubo classes are designed to complement your chosen way to move and exercise through improving flexibility, mobility and strength, along with coordination, agility and body awareness.

If you feel stuck in your current exercise routine, if you are bored doing the same thing day in day out at the gym or during classes, if you want to learn something different, something you can practice on your own, anywhere and anytime and have fun while learning, then the Adubo class is for you.

During classes, we will play around with the different aspects of movement which can include handstands, floor work, specific body weight mobility drills & partner games.


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