Adubo - Flexibility, Mobility & Strength


Think of your body and the way it moves as a Tree. You have the roots that are the foundations. They stabilize your tree even in harsh weather. You have the trunk and branches that give the tree rigidity and strength but at the same time can bend and not break with the wind. You also then have the leaves and flowers that make your tree beautiful and allows you to make seeds to further spread and make other trees.

Sometimes, we focus on having as many branches and flowers and leaves on our tree that we can forget about how it grows. Other times, we would like it to grow faster, or grow stronger, or grow bigger. Sometimes we would like our tree to bend even to the heaviest winds.

This is where I would like to introduce the Adubo – Flexibilty, Mobility & Strength class.

The term Adubo literally translates to fertilizer, so this fits into our concept organically. The purpose of the Adubo class is to improve your quality of movement in your everyday life from the ground up.

Adubo classes are designed to complement your chosen way to move and exercise through improving flexibility, mobility and strength, along with coordination, agility and body awareness.

If you feel stuck in your current exercise routine, if you are bored doing the same thing day in day out at the gym or during classes, if you want to learn something different, something you can practice on your own, anywhere and anytime and have fun while learning, then the Adubo class is for you.

During classes, we will play around with the different aspects of movement which can include handstands, floor work, specific body weight mobility drills & partner games. Exercising like this requires no equipment, just the enthusiasm to learn, a sense of creativity and the desire try something different!

Classes are always fun, challenging for both the mind and body and will always teach you something about yourself and the way that you move. Most people say it is a “different way to train”.

The Adubo class can complement your other exercise pursuits – from CrossFit to bouldering and rock climbing to Capoeira, other martial arts practice and everything in between.

The Adubo class is for you to re-connect with your body; its roots, its branches, its flowers and leaves. To further ground yourself and re-acquaint yourself with the floor. To further strengthen your core to better stabilize your natural day to day movement patterns. To make your body more supple, to bend and not break when life needs you to move with greater freedom. You can seek maintenance, you can seek repair, you can seek development and much more. Ask yourself, how do you want to grow?

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  • Increase in full body muscle flexibility resulting in greater range of motion around joints to reduce pain, injury and poor movement mechanics
  • Increase in shoulder, thoracic, hip and ankle mobility allowing you to move freely, easily, with no restrictions and with control
  • Increased core, shoulder and leg strength through body weight movements to protect, strengthen and condition joints and to improve posture
  • Improved coordination between the arms and legs
  • Improved body awareness and recognition of where your limbs are in relation to your torso


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm